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Welcome to A-League Dream Team

Welcome to the A-League Dream Team for Season 2013-14! Play selector and manager as you pick your own 15 player Dream Team® with a realistic A-League salary cap. Change formations, make regular transfers when you need them. Your squad will score points based on our realistic points system updated right through the Round of football - in the most complete fantasy football management game around!

Take on your club's supporters, your state and the entire competition. Invite your friends & colleagues and create or join up to five private leagues, featuring Dream Team's original 'head-to-head' game with League Finals Series! Link your account and play against your Facebook & Twitter contacts.

Simple to Enter and Play!


Select your ultimate 15-player squad with your $3 million salary cap. Pick your Starting 11 and name your team's Captain and Vice-Captain.


Edit your team throughout the season by making Trades and Substitutions, taking advantage of player price changes to improve your team.


Setup or join up to 5 private leagues. Play head-to-head against friends, with your own league fixtures, including Finals Series! Take on other Managers from your state, supporters of your A-League club and the entire competition.
Top 5 players
Player (team) Points Round Points
1. Troisi, J (MBV)
334 24
2. Taggart, A (NUJ)
318 18
3. Broich, T (BNR)
302 4
4. Ferreira, F (ADU)
260 4
5. Del Piero, A (SFC)
258 20
Player (team) Points Round Points
1. Troisi, J (MBV)
334 24
2. Thompson, A (MBV)
226 22
3. Caceres, A (CCM)
134 22
4. Roux, S (CCM)
186 22
5. Del Piero, A (SFC)
258 20
Player (team) Points Round Points
1. Broich, T (BNR)
302 4
2. Troisi, J (MBV)
334 24
3. Smith, M (BNR)
250 2
4. Franjic, I (BNR)
232 0
5. McKay, M (BNR)
216 4
Player (team) Points Round Points
1. Del Piero, A (SFC)
258 20
2. Milligan, M (MBV)
172 18
3. Roux, S (CCM)
186 22
4. Marinkovic, N (PTH)
82 10
5. Fitzgerald, N (CCM)
156 18
Top 5 teams
Team Score Round Score
1. Unbeatables 3,312 110
2. Box Diver 3,242 114
3. Outgunned 3,236 94
4. Tapir Off 3,232 130
5. Sydney Eggs FC 3,230 120
Team Score Round Score
1. Wayne Conme 2,828 176
2. Dis`clo`sure FC 2,590 174
3. Mexican Supermen 2,474 172
4. Colonel Victory 2,860 170
5. Kickin it in Split 2,456 168

Welcome to A-League Dream Team

  • Welcome to the 2013-14 A-League Dream Team competition;
  • Register to play and start selecting your team immediately;
  • Use this Help & Game Information sections to get quick tips, all of the game rules and details, as well as the most frequently asked questions about the competition.
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Game FAQs

Q: What is the A-League Dream Team competition? A: A-League Dream Team is a FREE fun and exciting interactive fantasy competition, the premise being simple. You'll get the opportunity to take part in the A-League Dream Team Season as Manager and selector by entering your very own "fantasy team".

You select real players, and based on their real, actual performances each Round, your team scores points according to each of your selected players' stats. Your team is then ranked against your friends/relatives within your own league/s and against players in your state, those that support the same team and everyone else playing in the A-League Dream Team competition.

The A-League Dream Team competition offers plenty of interactivity. Make the tough decisions as to who plays in your starting line-up and who sits on your bench, trade players, and lots more.

Read More - Guides, Help & FAQs...